As an extension to sweep basic, there are templates available with butterfly shapes. This creates a detailed look, in a dish composed of crisps. Each extension set includes  3 different leaves. The templates are made of food-safe plastic and are not dishwasher safe. After manual cleaning, they can be stored in the plastic case of basic sweep. This avoids wrinkles in the templates, reducing the final outcome. The extensions of both the basic shapes and themes, will be continuously expanded. If there are specific requirements, there is also the option of a custom template, specially designed and produced for you.

€ 27,50

a piece
€ 33,28 (incl. 21% VAT)
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210 x 297 x 0,8 mm


3 pcs.

Size butterflies

53 x 40 mm

53 x 38 mm

53 x 32 mm